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18 Nov, 2019

The new SPX1280, the versatile minicrane featuring endless options of stabilization

A closer look at the characteristics and performance of the new SPX1280 will make you feel several light-years have gone since the launch of its predecessor, the SPX1275, that now gives way to Jekko’s newborn after long years of good and loyal service.

You might see the world in black or white, or consider a glass always half-full or half-empty. But between the extremes there are endless options. This is the concept underlying the new SPX1280: beyond the limits, the world has no limits, and the operator turns into a painter whose palette offers all the colours of the rainbow and their endless combinations and nuances.
From art to yard, the step seems far too long but it’s the principle that counts and makes everything easier. The SPX1280 encompasses new-generation technology that fully exploits the concepts of stability and hoisting.
This results in straightforwardness and versatility for the operators to enjoy a new working experience and endless operating configurations, pushing to the extremes the concept of performance.

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